5am Friday – From Album “Ben Solo”

Indegent – From Album “Ben Solo”



From the age of fifteen Ben Solo has been steadily establishing himself as one of Australia’s most prolific and idiosyncratic recording artists. Best known for the deliberate nature of his lyrics and the utilisation of unique production techniques, Solo does not strive for perfection in his recordings but embraces the mistakes and flaws that arise as a result of the process. This approach lends his music a spontaneous and organic quality absent in the work of other contemporary artists.

Solo’s first album-length recording was completed in late 2005 and self-released early the following year. The songs for this first untitled album were recorded at the home-studio of friend and jazz musician Brenton Fosterwith just acoustic guitar and vocal tracks. The album features a number of songs Solo had written earlier that year, and reflected his then-current interest in folk music. A number of live acoustic performances followed to promote the album’s release.

In 2006 Solo established the recording base that has produced each of his releases since. The more progressive and experimental Play With This, released in 2007, was very much the product of Solo’s new recording equipment and led to a string of acclaimed performances with a band consisting of Brenton Foster, bassist John Day of Hardcore outfit Nazarite Vow, and drummer Ryan Manolakis of the experimental Mr. Wednesday. The last of these series of performances was particularly successful, selling out Adelaide’s Grace Emily Hotel and leaving many waiting outside the venue.

Throughout 2008 and 2009 Solo has been writing and recording for an upcoming album to be released in 2010.