Internal Fireworks- From Album “Rain onTin”

Disconnected – From Album “Smoke  Ribbons”



The Small Knives are a Melbourne duo founded in 2002 by Leo Mullins and Phil Romeril after their former band 2 Litre Dolbydisbanded. They play a beguiling mix of folk tinged song smithery, sorrowful harmonising and understated, droned heartbreak and have found favour with punters and press around the world.

Their debut album “Rain on Tin” was released on Candle Records in 2004 with much ballyhoo all round. The English magazine Uncut called it “mesmerising”, “Album of the year” from X-press magazine Perth, the Age newspaper gave it four stars and said it “resonates with melodic loveliness and a subdued sense of melancholy” and Phil’s mum said “yeah, it’s good.”

Their second album “Smoke and Ribbons” was released on Phil’s brilliantly named Plastic Viking Helmet records. It saw them progress from the quiet, late night feel of “Rain on Tin”, stretching to a more varied, melodic sound, but still retaining the simple and straightforward — joyful and melancholy pop songs that they’re renowned for.

The Small Knives have played plenty of live shows and have been lucky enough to have shared stages with The Dirty Three, Bonnie Prince Billy, Conway Savage and Lambchop to name a few. In early 2007 they played at the Dirty Three curated All Tomorrows Parties festival in England, and they’re honoured to have been chosen to play the Victorian leg of such an auspicious event.